2015 Research Task List

Theme Specific Research [Title/Representative] (Affiliation/Position)

  1. The creative works of Shuji Terayama-the actual circumstances of his activities, as clarified by primary materials/Fumi Tsukahara(Faculty of Law, Waseda University/Professor)

Public Appeal Research [Title/Representative] (Affiliation/Position)

  1. Basic research survey of materials relating to Shoyo Tsubouchi and Shiko Tsubouchi/ Kuniko Hamaguchi(The College of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University / Affiliated Lecturer)
  2. Research on materials related to the presentation of silent films, and particularly their musical accompaniment/ Seiji Choki(Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo / Professor)
  3. Towards an archeology of projection media-the arrangement and publication of “magic lantern” slides and the organization of exhibitions and art works based on digital data/ Ryo Okubo(Public Collaboration Center, Tokyo University of the Arts / Project Research Associate)
  4. The investigation and research into the Senda materials-Koreya Senda and contemporary plays/ Yukako Abe(Faculty of Arts and Letters, Kyoritsu Women’s University / Professor)