Principal research 1: The creative works of Shuji Terayama-the actual circumstances of his activities, as clarified by primary materials

    Principal Researcher: Fumi Tsukahara (Professor, Faculty of Law, Waseda University)
    Collaborative Researchers: Minako Okamuro (Professor, Faculty of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, Waseda University), Itsuki Umeyama (Assistant Professor, Waseda University Theatre Museum)

【Research objective】
 This research aims to investigate the creative works of Shuji Terayama, specifically the materials in the collection of the Theatre Museum, and those provided by Michi Tanaka, who worked as Terayama’s secretary for many years.
As we have completed a survey of the materials held by Tanaka last year, we plan to scrutinize the collection of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum this year. Many of his works from his period as a TV and radio screenwriter (1960s) remain unpublished. The present focus of research on Terayama is gathered in this period, which came before he founded his theater company. Therefore, with a view to the future development of research on Terayama, we worked on the digitization of the scripts held in the museum.

【Summary of the research findings】
We prioritized digitally photographing the scripts for radio and television plays, but we also photographed scripts for theater and other productions, with consideration for the limit of our budget. A number of the titles of these works are listed below. Many of the listed works are not included in the chronology of Terayama’s works. We will work on identifying the broadcast dates by referring to relevant newspaper articles, which we catalogued last year. We will then hopefully move to a content negotiation session. Meanwhile, by working in collaboration with the National Script Archives Consortium, the National Diet Library, and other relevant institutions, we will also examine the ways of utilizing the scripts, and endeavor to publicize the optimum methods.

A portion of the available radio scripts
Kazoku Awase (Family Together), Radio Hall, (Script/Screenplay Assistance, Satoshi Yamamoto)
Shirabe Shitsu no Shōnentachi(Boys in the inrerrogation room), Overseas Radio Drama Collection, 4th Night, 1963 Prix Italia winner
Tamago Monogatari (Egg Story), a farce for radio (first manuscript), 1962 Participant in the National Arts Festival Broadcast Section

Family Together 1   Family Together 2
Kazoku Awase (Family Together), broadcast in 1961